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There are three operating modes.

Normal mode (level 2): For normal working operation, delivering good illumination in excess of 14 hours duration.
High-beam mode (level 3): Strong light beam for long distance projection, spotting, etc. Should only be used for short periods because the heavier battery drain shortens light duration in this Mode to around 8 hours.
Auxiliary mode (level 1): Power saving for long operation and low level illumination.
Off: The Caplamp is switched off.

– Always starts up from the Main Mode when switched on.
– By toggling the operating button the Caplamp goes through Main Mode > High-Beam Mode > Auxiliary Mode > Off Mode
– Holding the button down for 2 seconds switches the Caplamp off directly.
– If the lamp is kept in the High-beam Mode for 20 minutes, it will automatically goes to the Main Mode.

Additional Information: KH3U-Ex.PDF

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